better than a monday

[Over 5 years later, I came across my old blog. I'm just as awesome now as I was then :) Here's my last never-published post, posted as it was saved and never fully completed:]

so it's thursday.  this means half my week is done, one and a half weeks of working at the pub left, two weeks until summer work kicks in, and three days late on music monday.
i haven't really come across anything i fancy lately.  i was stoked at oj's last night when the boss came on and within a few notes i nailed it.  so then it brought to my mind this amazing musician/songwriter.  and i hadn't shared this yet.  and i wanted to.  i'm trying to procrastinate less so i am going to share it with you.  enjoy.  it's brilliant from the first note to the last.
and back to my ten in ten list (which quickly became my ten in eighty six or something like that....)

[no video was attached, procrastination proved]

day seven: four turn offs
1. over-apologizing
2. douche-baggery 

day eight: three turn ons
1.  simple: make me laugh.  it's just the best.
2. i have one ideal first date idea.  it's not conventional but pull it off and it could be perfect. 
3.  one little thing.  it's always different - whether it's a laugh, noticing the old couple by the river, following text with your finger while you read a menu, how you make coffee.... anything really. whatever grabs my attention and makes you different from the rest, i like it.

day nine: Two Smileys that describe your life right now

day ten: one confession

[And that's it]


a smile

i simply love things.
i love that i am able to be happy on my own in my own way.
i love that i can find just one thing that will make me genuinely smile and love every day.
i saw a man at the bus stop on my way home from work earlier this week. he had on a corduroy suit jacket and a tie of sorts and he was holding flowers. i assume they were from the flower shop on the corner - perhaps the most amazing flower shop i've ever been to. seeing him stand there, looking quite handsome and content holding the flowers.... i decided he was on his way to a date. perhaps a first date. and it made me smile all the way to my core. that is one lucky girl.

i have been quite lame in the music monday realm of things. so today, i bring you this. my latest favorite. so honest and amazing, everytime i listen to this, i get shiver a little and am very glad that there are talented and beautiful people like her that share their abilities and life with me.



Music Monday

Post Fernie.... beautiful friends and memories that will never fade.

Countdown to summer... stampede.lisa's wedding.the big 2-7.trips to the park with my favourite man in the whole universe (little LJ).wicked dented legs.maybe a trip out east to see my homegirl Mari & one up west to see my beloved Andrea.visiting baby c.perhaps a return to the armstrong ipe.target comes to canada.convocation in june.fun in the sun in a truck all summah.long weekends back down for floating golf dancing cliffjumping & bikerides.shakespeare in the park with a picnic.please come soon. but not too soon.

Lesson: Sometimes happiness is not knowing the whole story.


Music (Monday)

Monday came and went. It will be back.


A. Long. Weekend.

I like lists. Here is one of what I managed to accomplish this weekend (despite Sunday being a day I barely left the couch due to activities the previous evening that left me feeling a little wobbly and rather sick). two nights out with friends - long overdue. viet food in the dark with a friend. hair cut (finally). fabric shopping. fruit and veg restocking. rotisserie chicken. sewed shirts that needed sewing. made jean shorts. drank 3L+ of water. washed Edward. had a nice chat with my dad. hunted down some 5/8" rope and made a knot door stop (which is by far the coolest thing EVER). laundry. found the coolest rubber boots and trench coat so I am ready for spring. bath soaks. listened to a lot of Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift. maybe they should date. clean sheet Monday (because Sunday was a write-off, remember?). cleaned the kitchen. colored some vases. watched six-too-many episodes of the Kardashians. I think that about covers it.