better than a monday

[Over 5 years later, I came across my old blog. I'm just as awesome now as I was then :) Here's my last never-published post, posted as it was saved and never fully completed:]

so it's thursday.  this means half my week is done, one and a half weeks of working at the pub left, two weeks until summer work kicks in, and three days late on music monday.
i haven't really come across anything i fancy lately.  i was stoked at oj's last night when the boss came on and within a few notes i nailed it.  so then it brought to my mind this amazing musician/songwriter.  and i hadn't shared this yet.  and i wanted to.  i'm trying to procrastinate less so i am going to share it with you.  enjoy.  it's brilliant from the first note to the last.
and back to my ten in ten list (which quickly became my ten in eighty six or something like that....)

[no video was attached, procrastination proved]

day seven: four turn offs
1. over-apologizing
2. douche-baggery 

day eight: three turn ons
1.  simple: make me laugh.  it's just the best.
2. i have one ideal first date idea.  it's not conventional but pull it off and it could be perfect. 
3.  one little thing.  it's always different - whether it's a laugh, noticing the old couple by the river, following text with your finger while you read a menu, how you make coffee.... anything really. whatever grabs my attention and makes you different from the rest, i like it.

day nine: Two Smileys that describe your life right now

day ten: one confession

[And that's it]

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